Chip tunes, Pixie farts, Russian post rock, stunning drone and exciting news about gigs. Suddenly things are looking up.


Santa Sprees – Wooden Cross Funds Pending
Toxic Chicken – No hurry
Brighton Ghoul – Level 2
Odd person – the k’hlori (found fragment)
Anaasir – Bol
Astrakan – Demon meets Pixie
Adrian Lane – The train on Prospero’s Island
Simon McCorry – One Sunny Day
Wóma – Efenheortnes
Sun Do Silver – Let’s Deport the Daily Mail Into the Fucking Sun
Ahmad al Hassan -Taqsim Bayat
The Ears Of Xeno Group – One In 5
Ras Tas – Pimeys
Mattie Konig – Hedge Maze
Orbitalpatterns – A Heart Can Be a Ghost
Malasuca – Corrosion
Последние Каникулы – Свобода убивать своё счастье