A typically outstanding blend from the ever digging Lumpen Nobleman, featuring top quality contributions from The Rebel, Stock, Hausen & Walkman, Jack Rose, Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg, Lee Hazelwood and Frank Lowe, alongside all that goes in between


Santa Sprees – Jingle VI (not on label, 2020)
Princess Diana of Wales – Sleet (A Colourful Storm, 2021)
mɛlədi nɔɪz – pəˈlɪtɪk(ə)l pləˈsiːbəʊ (Political Placebo) (self-released, 2017)
The Rebel – The Rocket Breaks Down (Pecan Crazy Records, 2003)
Stock Hausen & Walkman – Gravy (Fire Inc., 1997)
Ice Yacht – Kicky Bang Bang (Snatch Tapes, 2021)
Crank Wank – Their There (Sounds Like Something Only a Mother Could Love, 2021)

Jack Rose – Hide The Whiskey (Blues For The Colonel) (Eclipse, 2002)
Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg – Der Luftbusen des kleinen Fritz (A Colourful Storm, 2021)
Kallista Kult – The Earth Did A Line (A Colourful Storm, 2019)
World Music – MUGU Dub (World Music, 2021)
F.S. BLUMM – Each Day Another Yesterday (self released, 2021)
Lee Hazlewood – My Autumn’s Done Come (MGM, 1966)
Mark – Duet For Melodica and Claves (A Colourful Storm, 2020)
Alan Jenkins – Excitable Dogs in the Kitchen (Pink Lemon, 2001)
Frank Lowe – Brother Joseph (ESP Disk, 1973)
La Nouvelle Frontière – So Long Marianne (Gamma, 1970)