Are black holes cannibals or is the universe a cannibal? A dark sonic meditational journey that leaves the mind with a numbing sensation and the soul with a difficult-to-satisfy ‘hunger’. We are offering a trip into dark ambient, heavy psych rock, post-punk, coldwave soundscapes and all we ask of you is to mix your favourite potion, turn up the volume and enjoy it in complete darkness…

Empusae – Absolutus, EP: Praeter (Jan 2022, Self-released )
Blac Kolor – Amygdala Hijack, EP: 24U Vol.09 (Jan 2022, Self-released)
Maya Shenfeld – Body, Electric, In Free Fall (Jan 2022, Thrill Jockey)
Dalibor Cruz – 2, 21 De Agosto, Macaruya (Jan 2022, Chicago Research)
Hollow Columns – aate/ism, Walls (Jan 2022, No Devotion Records)
History of Leather – Cheap Thrills, Work (Jan 2022, Chicago Research)
Biosphere – Night Shift, Shortwave Memories (Jan 2022, Biophon Records)
French Police – Club De Vampiros, – (Jan 2022, Self-released)
No – Exit, Domestic Pulse (Jan 2022, TONN Recordings)
Morosinthe – Oyasumi, ETERNALREALM (Jan 2022, Thirteenth Records)
Vlimmer – Erdgeruch, EP: Erdgeruch / Space Dementia (Jan 2022, Blackjack Illuminist Records)
Datura – Trapped, Arcano Chemical (Jan 2022, Sell the Heart Records)
Black Holes are Cannibals – Surfacer, Surfacer (Jan 2022, Cardinal Fuzz)
Megan Henderson – Ascending, Pilgrim Souls (Jan 2022, Self-released)