Today we say goodbye to both Meatloaf and Elza Soares and search for bands named after pieces of art with some pleasing results.


 KKKMO – Everything Burns
STEWARD – You Took the Words Right Out Of My Mouth
matthew schneeman – bat out of hell
Distant Animals –  The Cats are Hiding and So Am I
Rev Simpkins – Big Sea
Sun Ra – China Gate
Roman Angelos – Swimming Through The Aisles
Tape Noise –  Anew Party, everyone is invited
Plat Ypus – Tididii Tididii Tididiididii
Mona Lisa – Lulu
Pearl with a Girl Earring –  Run from rabid dogs!
ArcDeTriomf – Bombas y misiles
TUATHA – The Wind Took off With His Soul
Eumig – Serac
Yousef Kawar – Winter Days Are Calling Me Pt. 7
Ordeograph – hell mouth robot call
SINNEN – Painting Daisy
The Ladywell Lout – Bat out of Hell
Elza Soares – Espumas ao Vento