This playlist was compiled under the impact of war planes flying over one more part of the world – this time it is Ukraine. All the songs seem to have one common purpose, the invocation of a wisdom beyond this world, a fascination for spiritual wanderings into areas of complete darkness looking for monsters to converse with…Noise, industrial, synthwave, darkwave, post punk and metal soundscapes expand and contract the sonic environment just as reality does to our senses. Whether we have awakened ancient evil spirits or are only relying on them for wisdom it remains to be seen. Until then, this is the soundtrack for the chase of the Devil’s cattle for all eternity. This playlist ends with a cowboy song and the hope that war planes will stop flying everywhere! This is our longest playlist to date and celebrates our first year as part of the Tak Tent radio family. You will need whiskey for these 2 hours !

Ah Cama Sotz – Siel, Burning Souls. Brandende Zielen (Feb 2022, Bats & Cats)
Author& Punisher – Glorybox, KRÜLLER (Feb 2022, Relapse Records )
PHOBOS REACTOR – Shadow, The Daily Torture of the Commonplace (Feb 2022, PANICMACHINE)
The beka – Decline, – (Feb 2022, Self-released)
Lucy – Walking on Moirai, Lucy Plays Wanton Witch (Feb 2022, Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Alto Arc – Nocebo, Alto Arc (Feb 2022, Sargent House)
Wovenhand – The Lash, Silver Sash (Feb 2022, Glitterhouse Records)
A Place To Bury Strangers – Nice of You To Be There For Me, See Through You (Feb 2022, Dedstrange )
Tears for Fears – My Demons, The Tipping Point (Feb 2022, Concord Records)
ADULT. – Normative Sludge, Becoming Undone (Feb 2022, DAIS Records)
AURAGRAPH – LIMINAL, LIMINAL (Feb 2022, Stratford Ct.)
Trentemøller – Darklands, Memoria (Feb 2022, In My Room)
Studiogruppe1 – Shweben, Studiogruppe 1 (Feb 2022, International Feel)
Analog 80 – Tragic Error 242, – (Feb 2022, Self-released)
Warm Graves – Neon, Ease (Feb 2022, FUZZ Club Records)
Local Blood – Religion, Dystopian Disco (Feb 2022, Self-released)
TRUPA TRUPA – B FLAT A, B FLAT A (Feb 2022, Glitterbit, Lovitt Records)
Modern Studies – Comfort Me, We Are There (Feb 2022, Fire Records)
Cult of Luna – An Offering To The Wild, The Long Road North (Feb 2022, Metal Blade Records)
Hexerei – Essence of Ancient Evil, Ancient Evil Spirits (Feb 2022, Sentient Ruin Laboratories)
Michael Cashmore – Transformation Through Love, The Night Has Rushed In (Feb 2022, House of Mythology)
Lingua Ignota – KATIE CRUEL, – (Feb 2022, Self-released)
William Crighton – Killara, Water and Dust (Feb 2022, Australian Broadcasting Corproration)
King Dude – Riders In The Sky (Cowboy Legend), Songs of the 40s Pt.1 (Feb 2022, Van Records)