An International Women’s Day special celebrating our diversity and essential contributions to the music world. Also possibly some chat about Bandcamp….

Dakhabrakha – Dybu
Joyce Moreno – Feminina
Ashley Helal – Corduroy
Catherine Graindorge – Lockdown
Mere Women – Sun Rising (Live at Unpopular Music 2010)
Zdrada Palki – kaszanka (vegan pussy squad)
(Disc 2) 16 – Mad Woman Blues
Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe – Rocket Thighs
Bettina Schroeder – The Builders Are Back
Kamura Obscura – Rising Dragon Reclaimed 昇り竜再利用
Lani Lou – Walden
Les Filles de Illighadad – Irriganan
Katharine Seaton – Sam’s Theme from The Hidden People
Sharon Kraus – Cadair Idris
You Are Wolf – Cucko (Roshi featuring Pars Radio ‘First Cuckoo of Spring’ remix)
Chantelle Gray – In the Roundness of Things
Alice coltrane – Stopover Bombay
Small Great Dane – Dancing All night with very nice monsters
Te Kore – Oh So Cynical
Claire Dickson – I Need More
Marymotto – STRX
Henriette Eilertsen – Flute and Compute
OHMME – The Limit
Lily Gasc – Je vous aime
Pearl with a Girl Earring – outerspace tango
Olena Mykhalchenko – Ukraine