Ben ‘Jack Your Body’ Robinson has in store classic Italo, Ukrainian Electro and some new Danish Industrial on the side.


Cruisin’ Gang – My Man (Cruisin’, 1983)

Letherique (feat Julien Dada) – Retour Difficile (Tripalium, 2021)

Element – Andromeda Riddim (Bokeh Versions, 2022)

CTI – The Need (Doublevision, 1984)

J Velez – Venas (L.I.E.S., 2014)

Poly Chain – Visa (Dom Trojga, 2022)

Atelier Du Mal – Staticità (Not on label, 1984)

Hoffnung & Psyche – Sie Bleibt Kalt (Not on label, 1981)

INTRZN – Zone III (Charlois, 2017)

EDM – Coombe Hill Monument (Electric Dance Music, 2021)

Giusy Dej – Follow Me (Disco In, Date unknown)

Ana Fosca – Elements Became Articulated To Physical Bodies (The Helen Scarsdale Agency, 2022)