We’re celebrating Easter Sunday with a show all about sunshine and renewal. Let the warmth flow into you and help kickstart all our great comebacks.

Yusuf ‘Yoshi’ Misdaq – Indésan
Ashley Helal – Brighten Up
Pumice – Necklace On A Necklace. (Farley)
Score – Old Light
The Green Child – Resurrection
Magic From Space – rainbo
Anna Agenda – Thiên Thần và Ác Quỷ
Graham Kartna – scratchingMyEarsLikeACat TMP
Phexioenesystems – Conversant-Expansive (Hexany 1-3-5-9)
555 Sounds – Pewter and tin; mind-flux, or 90 ways to simulate technological regression
Alix Dobkin – Chewing Gum
Baba Commandant & the Mandingo Band – ntijiguimorola
Electric Fire – Club Smash
Laura Cannell – The Fiery Spirit
Powder Echo – Spring light
Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov Project – A Dedication to the Floydian Sun
Esslemont – The Referred Patient
The Utopia Strong – Shepherdess
Aleksandrs Barons – Mūsu atmiņas ir saindētas
Carnival Park – This Feels Like Summer
Michael Cashmore – You Are The Divine Center Of Vibration
The Tumbledryer Babies – Post Office Queue
Rafael de Toledo Pedroso – A Tradução do Coração is Heart
April larson – floodwaters