Yes it’s the time of year again when we celebrate Eurovision (or gay Christmas as we call it in CAAD land). With scant regard for genre or the actual rules of Eurovision we skitter across the continent rejoicing at how amazingly creative and diverse humanity is and discover some cracking new artists along the way. Don’t forget to place your vote!

The Segments – 1984 (Ukraine)
Mark Morgan – Necrosignature F (France)
Those Men – The Dog Lies On Its Back (UK)
Silonics – The Foundry Waltz (Australia)
Ever Had – Reindeers Eat Snow (Finland)
Son of Buzzi – Weisses Wasser (Switzerland)
Zebularin – Japra (Germany)
Goat Ripper – Greed (Azerbaijan)
David Cordero & Combray – Café Sonoro. (Spain)
Billow – Ferris Wheel (Czechia)
Valter Ojakäär – Rasked Veosed (Estonia)
Horse Orchestra – Doctor Jazz (Denmark)
IJO – Atmoss (Version) (Lithuania)
Mushroom Grandpa – Let’s Make a Snowman! (Latvia)
Dim the Light – Helpcall (feat Traian) (Moldova)
Kælan Mikla – Svört Augu (Iceland)
Oldmold – I wait till they take us (Poland)
RagħwaDagħwa – Pantomima (Malta)
Selim – Ekâri Eselimmit (Albania)
Li Jianhong, Raul Starcz, Dan Michiu – Bare Foot Monk (folk version) (Romania)
DJ-CP – D.O.P (Croatia)
Fern – Wave Propagation (Sweden)
Jo David Meyer Lysne & Mats Eilertsen – Furumokjela (Norway)
Reuben Lewis – Together I Apart (Netherlands)