Ben ‘Jack Your Body’ Robinson is here to bring you forgotten Italo, new Greek Acid and some obscure Belgian Synth-pop too.

& here’s to another season of Leeds United in the Premier League đź™‚ 


Evolution (L&L) – Radio (Cinofilm Produzione, 1983)

Mark Du Mosch – Realistix (Schrödinger’s Box, 2022)

Kerri LeBon – Acidente Sugestiva (Phormix Tapes, 2017)

Enzo Kreft – Erotic Fantaseesz (ZAK, 1983)

Acidic Male – Face Full Of Rings (Nightwind, 2020)

Cut Hands – Nzyoko (Susan Lawly, 2021)

Cipolla Varieté – A Napok Csak Jönnek Egymás Után (Dalmata Daniel, 2022)

Nexda – Onetwentyone (Plurex, 1982)

Sonobe – Daydream (MinimalRome, 2018)

Testkard 225 – A Day Or A Part Of A Day (Not on label, 1988)

Outermost – It’s Always Now (Phormix Tapes, 2018)

Denise LaSalle – Try My Love (MCA, 1980)

Tetsu Umehara – Neu_Am (Small MĂ©asures/MĂ©tron, 2022)