New High Jinks Mix featuring Simon McCorry, Field Lines Cartographer, Alex Green and Mary Halvorson. Half Life from Rob St John and Rose Ferraby is from a fantastic 36-track compilation forthcoming (24th June) on Blackford Hill. Featuring Tak Tent favourites Andrew Wasylyk, Clare Archibald, Sam Annand, Kinbrae and a host of other talent. All profits donated to UNICEF, supporting their work in Ukraine. Highly recommended.

Simon McCorry – Subharmonicon Experiment 5th August (self-release, June 2022)

Field Lines Cartographer – Octagon Dappled Shallows, Dreamtides (Castles in Space, June 2022)

Blessed are the Hearts that Bend – Present, Sadness Be Damned (Bandcamp, Feb 2022)

Rob St John and Rose Ferraby – Half Life, Peace and Plenty (Blackford Hill, June 2022)

Gary Marlowe – Sharing the House, Everything Will Change (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Denovali, June 2022)

Alex Green – Like a Hole in My Head, Curvature of the Earth (Bandcamp, 2021)

Auntie Flo – Rainfall On Red Earth, The Soniferous Garden (Sofrito Super Singles, 2017)

Mary Halvorson – Hoodwink, Amaryllis & Belladonna (Nonesuch, May 2022)