Broadcasting direct from Leeds, Ben ‘Jack Your Body’ Robinson brings you Italo, German Synth-pop and even Swiss Darkwave too.

Russell Haswell feat Sue Tompkins – Special Long Version (Demo) (Diagonal, 2018)

KARLITA – Moving 5th (LAN, 2022)

Dumbo Tracks – The Corpse Of A Frozen Flower (Eiko Ishibashi Vocal Version) (Italic, 2022)

Thavius Beck – Celestial Mind (U-Trax, 2021)

Anton Ignorant – Banal (Fusion D.E. Producciones, 1986)

Smackos – Ascending At The Golden Gate (Nightwind, 2022)

Swesor Bhrater – The Moods (Eins:Zwei:Acht, 2020)

Nostalgie Eternelle – Trust In You (Walhalla, 2012)

Cosmic Dream Club – Vacant Lot (Per Musica Ad Astra, 2019)

MIRA 新伝 – Hosting Of An Inorganic Demon (Subtext, 2022)

Helena Hauff – Hiemal Quietus (Lux Rec, 2014)

A.G.F. – Loved By You (Hysteric Edit) (ZYX, 2022)

Marta Mist – I’ve Not Blinked Enough (This Is It Forever, 2022)