Emma returns this week with a hot, sticky, and sometimes pretty tasteless mix of tunes for you blast out of your car window.


Pharoah Sanders – moussa berkiyo – koubaliy beriah la’ foh
Elizabeth Joan Kelly vs The Burning Trestle – Portabella House By-The-Sea (After The Burning Trestle)
Polypores vs Crisp Packet Jackets – Trance Goblins
Hot Roddy – Youth, Depression, Compassion, Dementia, Laughter and Hope
A Starving Viking – Hither Shore

Noise for Bliss – Hard Times We Live In, But We’re Doing Well Well
Hardoff – Snogging Horsies
Thee Crumb – Consigned To The Deep
Kitchen Cynics – Do Not Call The Doctor
Graeme Miller & Steve Shill – Partytime
Night Recordings from Bali – Night Lotus Pool
Räven Musen – Ceramic Hearts
Breakdown Benjamin – Backlit
Brine & Goblins – Vladsawarpig
Ash Cooke & Phil Jenkins – Hard To Be A God
Pulco – Grapes
VARIÁT – There’s Lots of Light Leaking All Over
Antoine Loyer & Mégalodons malades – Morgane
The Doomed Bird of Providence – A Snake Charmer Killed St Kilda Show Tragedy
Helena Celle – What’s Really Going Wrong (3D Printer Mix)
Kai Whiston feat Pussy Riot – Q
Santa Sprees – To See July In Mirror & Mirror
Powder Echo – Spring light
Nikolaienko – A3 The Ancient Musical Complex Of Mammoth Bones
Toxic Chicken- The Unknown Rockstar
Mood Taeg – Konkord (Vera Version)
Ken Moore, Damon Nobles & Walt Shaw – Wholesome Barons
HVAD – Inner Hurricane Triggered
Cavetown – Boys Will Be Bugs