Shane is back with his fortnightly Skylarking series – this is a mix of mostly new electronic tunes with a few old & odd ones…

Precipitation – Dawn Ritual
Klunks – All You People
Tipsy – Tuatara (remix)
Vanishing Twin – Magicians Success
Stereolab – Jenny Ondioline (Breakdown mix)
Black Dresses – Wiggle
Mental Music – Special Train
Moat Bells – Malarkey & Ecstasy
Szun Waves – In The Moon House
Sternpost – Näring åt natur
Daylight Robbery! – Ersa
Yunzero – Leaf
Tusken Raiders – Alien Appendages
dgoHn – Invisible Sandwich (Carl Brown’s Pea & Mint Remix)
Faust – Above And Under Our Piano