Andrew Paine continues his journey through to 2016. This episode features Aphex Twin, Heather Leigh, Moor Mother, Shirley Collins and more from Andrew’s own back catalogue.

The Flexibles – Pink Everything

John Carpenter – Virtual Survivor

Apex Twin – Diskhat1

Richard Youngs – Concealed

Heather Leigh – Fairfield Fantasy

Laura Cannell – Entrance To The Vault

Shirley Collins – Pretty Polly

Steven Wilson – Vermillioncore

Scott Walker & Sunn O)))) – Herod 2014

Matthew Shaw – 13th Moon

Low – No Comprende

David Bowie – Girl Loves Me

Helena Hauff – Tripartite Pact

Jenny Hval – The Great Undressing

Andrew Paine – Ambitious Men & Women

Moor Mother – Tell Me About It