If at the beginning of this playlist you are not drinking whiskey, then we are certain that you will be holding a glass of this potion towards the end. It starts with punk anger and feistiness, travels down a dark post-punk path, soothes the spirits with an indie rock plateau that explode into techno psychedelia before resolving into ceremonial sonic ritual. Sometimes it is anger, other times it is an underlying summoning energy, raw, dreamy and somewhat persistent but, all the time, our chosen sonic path follows an invisible thread, only revealed under the influence of potent convolutions.

BAD BREEDING – Rebuilding, Human Capital (July 2022, One Little Independent Records)
Viagra Boys – Return to Monke, Cave World (July 2022, Year 0001)
Social Union – Fall Into Me, Fall Into Me (July 2022, Blackjack Illvminist Records)
Cierń – Bloody Rites, The Emperor RX (July 2022, Bat-Cave Productions)
IAMTHESHADOW – Unfold, – (July 2022, Self-released)
THEN COMES SILENCE – Blood Runs Cold, Silence Hunger (July 2022, Nexilis)
Amrou Kithkin – Small Talk Cats, Wither (July 2022, Self-released)
Blue Orchids – The Adventure Thus Embarked Upon, Angus Tempus Memoir (July 2022, Tiny Global Productions)
EMBLEMS – Animals, Everything Is Strange (July 2022, Sell The Heart Records)
Interpol – Into The Night, The Other Side Of Make Believe (July 2022, Matador)
K.Leimer – Promise of Rain, The Starting Errors (July 2022, Palace of Lights)
Stephen Mallinder – Shock To The Body, Tick Tick Tick (July 2022, Dais Records)
Gerry Read – Lean on Something, Lean on Something (July 2022, Circus Company)
Ben Shemie – The Past Continuous, Desiderata (July 2022, Joyful Noise Recordings)
Temple of Clear Lights – Aiwass, In The Company of Snakes (July 2022, Red Cavity Records)
Belphegor – Glorifizierung des Teufels, The Devils (July 2022, Nuclear Blast)
Alice Cohen – Wild Wolf, Moonrising (July 2022, Styles Upon Styles |Dinosaur City Records)
Jaye Jayle – HELP!, – (July 2022, Self-released)
Sun’s Signature – Underwater, Sun’s Signature (July 2022, Partisan Records)