The acceptance of a condition described by the word ‘bizarre’ must come when enveloped by a sinister soundscape. The dreamy state that ensues after such an acceptance should have elements of hypnotic psychedelia. Curses, followed by soothing dreams, followed by a desire to test the limits.
We have mixed a playlist for all that – dare to listen to it?
Poisons will be needed, obviously!

Incirrina – Shrapnel Words, Lip Led Scream (Aug 2022, Cold Transmission Music)
The Flatfield – Dark, The Shadow Self (Aug 2022, Bat-Cave Productions)
T.G.T.B – Renounce, Stockholm Soul (Aug 2022, Detriti Records)
MERRY BLOOM – Murmure Secret, Fleurs ÉTRANGES (Aug 2022, Otolythe)
Edley ODowd – Gallactic Immersion, F(OUR) WARD (Aug 2022, deathbed tapes)
BAMBOLABUIO – sad chills, BORDELLOBUIO (Aug 2022, Black Verb Records)
Exit Electronics – Never Again, Learn The Hard Way (Aug 2022, Avalanche Recordings)
HEILUNG – Buslas Bann, Drif (Aug 2022, Season of Mist)
Russian Circles – Bloom, GNOSIS (Aug 2022, Sargent House)
Grotto Terrazza – Dusty Kapers Skit, Kalte Köstlichkeiten (Aug 2022, Maple Death Records)
Wet Satin – Bad Wax, Wet Satin (Aug 2022, FUZZ CLUB RECORDS)
Lumenette – Safe, All Around My Head (Aug 2022, Hammock Music)
Baby Cool – Magic, (Aug 2022, Bad Vibration Records)