No chat this time just wall to wall outsider, experimental, DIY and globally sourced adventurous tunes and non-tunes. Please support the artists if you can.


Hannya White vs Pettaluck – Lullaby Too Far
Justice Yeldham – Track 03
MowMowMow – Seasons
DJ MIxXxuruca – No Controles El Ojala
AnnaOtta –  Ariel
Stewart Miller, Natalia Kamia, and other invisible entities – need to pee
Tenchpress – Foetus Funk
Bridget Wishart and the Band of Doctors – Ghost
Camp of Wolves vs Rupert Lally – Wait At The Corner
A Travers – Grésil
The Book of Imaginary Beings – El Pelícano
The Mercury Shuffle
Spacelab – Metro Hieroglyphics
Sibilla – Long Old Road
Hasan Hujairi – Ostriches Run Faster Than Horses And Hasan Runs Faster Than Ostriches
Pulled by Magnets – Invite Them In
Ghosts of Electricity – The Chime Child
Draff Krimmy – Tror Ikke På Ny Revolusjon
Surmland Sound Science – Eljest-11
Holly Herndon – Frontier
Evaristo Muyinda – Sewaswa kazala balongo
SINNEN – Longshadow
HVAD – Echolocating Chamagaadad
Zann – Tibetan Bread
One Man Nation – Ghossando in space
As is – 13 #2
Frostower – Earn Your Stripes
Scientifically Speaking with Irene Moon – Bubbles In The Wine
Esma Redzepova – Abre Babi Sokerdzan
Ansambl Montenegro – Djelem, Djelem