Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all, in this special show featuring music from nations at war this Christmas. We also pay our respects to Tapenoise Dex who passed away last week.

(unknown artist, collected by Bill Laswell) – Sawa Sawa (Ethiopia)
v4w.enko – Lotus Biorythms (Ukraine)
Ethiopian Records – Hetebet (Ethiopia)
Tape Noise – Phone as Phallus
Vassyl Yemetz – Z Ukrainskyce Stepiw (Ukraine)
Sounds Across the World – D.R. Congo 1994
Los Chinacos – Zacamandú (Mexico)
Wirephobia – Xozga (Iraq)
Duo Moment, Khabat Abas and Hardi Kurda – Moment (Iraq)
Spicy Eggs – Song 3 (Afghanistan)
Chaco – emari n yala (Lybia)
Sounds Across the World – Ukraine 1929
Rey Sapienz – 24 Votura (D.R. Congo)
CarlosVivanco – Palestine (Mexico)
Omar Souleyman – Chobi (Syria)
Fadumo Qassim & Shareero Band – Waakaa Helaa (I like you) (Somalia)
Orchestre De Trompes Ongo – Orchestra Of Ongo Horns Horn -Four Small Ongo Horns, Eight Large Ongo Horns (Central African Republic)
Sounds Across the World – Mexico 1958
Qais Essar – Cresote Wreaths (Afghanistan)
Asma Ghanem – Bang Bang Opera أوبرا طاخ طيخ (Syria)
Andrey Kiritchenko – Metaphorm (Ukraine)
Unda Fluxit – Qataghani (Afghanistan)
Negatoua – Ya Bati Zefen (Ethiopia)
Sounds Across the World -D.R. Congo 2017
Sounds Across the World – Yemen 1933
Sounds Across the World – Mexico 2020
Omar Yussof Traibi – Zar (Yemen)