Fresh Episode of Bøne Appetit! with Producer, DJ & multi -disciplinary designer from Bangalore, India, Madhav Jolly AKA Sentient. Surrounded by his father’s cast collection of music, it was at an early age when Madhav knew that this was something he wanted to pursue. After learning how to play the guitar & dabbling with various instruments, he delved into the world of electronic music.

Having spent a couple of years honing his production skills, Sentient released “Desire” on Acid Dream Records in the summer of 2020. This was followed by 2 more releases on his imprint, titled “Resistance” & “Against Reason”. Finding himself at an intersection of art & social responsibility, Sentient’s music now aims to weave euphoric atmospheres by combining ethereal landscapes & nostalgic melodies.

A mix of techno, trance, acid & breakbeats, his music provides various textures, helping navigate the listener through an intense journey filled with emotion & energy. His music has been featured on BBC Asia on Aneesha Kotwani’s residency, on BALAMII radio, his music has also been played out by Nikki Nair amongst many others. He has also received widespread recognition all over the world, most recently, being featured on Mixlabs London with BEC. He now has 2 forthcoming vinyl releases on Lobster Theremin, Later this year.

The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds [Big Life]
New Composers – White Island [Maschina Records]
GTO – Pure (Energy) [Kompakt Extra]
Digital Farm – The Journey Begins [Kram Records]
Tom Wilson – Techno Cat (Dance like your dad mix) [Altra Moda]
Ascendance – Breathe The Energy [Rampant Records]
Corbi – Clover [Kouncil Cuts]
Jeku – Dream Reality [Non-Temporal]
Freakyman – Disco Bug ’97 (Got That Feeling Now) [Xtravaganza Recordings]
Laurent Garnier – Wake Up [Wagram Music]
Dance 2 trance – Free Fall [Allstar Music]
Sentient – Solar Feeling [Unreleased]
Bliss Inc. – Pangea [Radiant Records]
Starparty – I’m in Love [Go For It]
Cosmic Baby – Oh Supergirl (ESP Respect mix) [Time Out Of Mind Records]
Sentient – Power Dream [Unreleased]