Bone Appetit! W/ Sentient – 02/02/2023

Fresh Episode of Bøne Appetit! with Producer, DJ & multi -disciplinary designer from Bangalore, India, Madhav Jolly AKA Sentient.

A mix of techno, trance, acid & breakbeats, his music provides various textures, helping navigate the listener through an intense journey filled with emotion & energy. His music has been featured on BBC Asia on Aneesha Kotwani’s residency, on BALAMII radio, his music has also been played out by Nikki Nair amongst many others. He has also received widespread recognition all over the world, most recently, being featured on Mixlabs London with BEC. He now has 2 forthcoming vinyl releases on Lobster Theremin, Later this year.

Hedonisms – Sonic Signal 11 – feat. Sentient

This mix reflects on the past year and the different moods I was oscillating in between. I ended up creating a vessel of energy in the form of this mix – that being reflective, energetic and sensual. The tracks in the mix have woven my taste in music over the past few years and have been quite pivotal towards my growth as an artist.

With this mix, Sentient hints at what’s to come in the following year.