It’s the welcome return of Culture as a Dare, springing forward with opulent blooms of unexpected sound whatever the weather.

Juan Arminandi – Potong Tanah
Victoria Bourne, Ben Mendez, Aimee Naworal & Mo Tetlow – Lowland Breeze or Wanton Mute
Sunfish Starfish – The Horned Screamer Part 3
Angry Buddhists – Make Me A Sandwich
The Tumbledryer Babies – Astro Turf
Blit – Tatepiola
Molly Joyce – Isolation
Yara Asmar – we put her in a box and never spoke of it again
Tzusing – Strains Theme
shemovesshe – aleo
Dave Clarkson – Mysterious Island
Robin The Fog vs Bowditch – Throb Taser Din
Moid vs cubcub – Dusk Signal Freakout Moided
Nagel – Spit it out (feat. Pietro Babina)
No Arrival – Tea
Xuxurlatu – Ilunabarra
Saxo + A.I. – Oyl On Tha Phone
Breakdown Benjamin – abgesetzt
Karen & Peter – Weekend in the Berkshires
Baby Dee – Compass of Light
Daphne Oram – Food Preservation
Alma – Tapir
Susan Bear – Swimming Lessons
Holmes and atten Ash – Rhea
Sarmism – New View
Waterflower – Of Shimmering Light and Living
Simon McCorry – With Certainty Comes Insanity
Hore Gauna – Te llevo
Harvey Parker – Space Worm