Another serving of glistening hot musical root vegetables, with lashings of medieval hardcore, otherworldly jazz fusion, depressive sludge metal, uplifting soul, abyssal saxophone drone, irresistible cloud pop and more, plus the usual gold standard chat from your effusive and charming host Nags.


Brân – Y Gwylwyr
Poison Ruïn – Not Today, Not Tomorrow
Coco & Clair Clair – Wishy Washy
Tierra Whack – Unemployed
Harvey Milk – Brown Water
Sun Ra – Where Pathways Meet
Ill Considered – Dervish
David Wise – Aquatic Ambience
Shoho Sakai – Underwater Theme
Faith No More – RV
King Geedorah – Fazers
Mach-Hommy – IV
Alex Zhang Hungtai – This is Not My Country
Pissed Jeans – Dream Smotherer
Cerce – Worthless Cheaters
Oneohtrix Point Never – Animals
Nine Inch Nails – Just Like You Imagined
Tommy McGee – Make Sure
Funkadelic – The Song is Familiar
Stevie Wonder – Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing
Kayo Dot – The Manifold Curiosity