New episode of Bøne Marrow featuring a varied selection of fast-paced, energetic jungle that incorporates heavy drums, elektro & bass music. From the early days of the genre, to the modern sounds that are pushing the boundaries of what jungle can be, this mix is packed with tunes that are sure to get your heart racing and your feet moving with bangers from labels like Krunk Kulture, Filth Inc. Antariksh Records, Reel Long Overdub, 4NC¥, RustedSound, Jugaar Records, Recordings & more.

Linkin Park – The Requiem [Machine Shop]
Linkin Park – The Radiance [Machine Shop]
IO – Reject the Order of Creation [Krunk Kulture]
Yung.Raj – SupaTroopa [FeelGood Inc]
Robin Tasi – G $HIT [Filth Inc.]
Butter Bunz – Gimme Bunz Hunz [Reel Long Overdub]
Sentient – Skies of Purple [Antariksh Records]
Monophonik – Source Code [Reel Long Overdub]
FILM – Second Self [Qilla Records]
Roza Terenzi x Hame DJ – Steam Baby [Deep Water]
Kon-Ark – Shoe Killa [Antariksh Records]
Masrani – Purgatory [Filth Inc.]
Bønehead – Tørture Chamber [Forthcoming on Filth Inc.]
Team GB x Scartip – Release the Pressure [4NC¥]
Oceantied – Astromechanical Juke [LDSMX]
Abhi Meer – The Tryst [ Recordings]
Joe Koshin – Astro Wax [Jugaar Records]
Akin Deckard – Pelotão Terror (Ratata Inna Di Caveirão) [Metanol FM]
Origin Unknown – Truly One [RAM Records]
Fr4ctal – Martian Surface [RustedSound]
Nothing Anonymous – Waste Away [Artist Originals]
Three Oscillators – Astralplane [Independent]