This one is an hour of messed up sounds I discovered via Bandcamp by the mysterious Paco Moreno. A specialist in all manner of audio mischief and has releases from all manner of sources be they soft porn tapes, news and weather reports, TV adverts and film soundtracks and much more all mashed into a mind bending cocktail of wrong speeds, distorted and backwards loops splattered with a healthy dose of light jazz. I hope you dig this vaporous world of waves in a Skylarking groove!

Local Cable Service Provider
Chatter Platter
Strict Regiment
Executioners Hymn
A Step Back Through Time
Day Drinking
36 Hour Forecast
Just What Your Looking For
Hotline 4 Get Connected
Ticket to the Resurrection
Storm Center
The Royal Astrologer
Just Called You
Hotline 3 I Want You
Daytime Soaps
Bills Are Piling Up
Pretty Harsh
So Pretty
Evening Edition
Current Local Conditions
m o d e r n
Place Your Bets
Absolute 0
Talking Heads
The Close of Day

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