The Eurovision as a Dare contest result and some suggestions for your Juneteenth Bandcamp purchases alongside the usual lucky dip of genres and moods that you have come to not expect.

I had a lot to say about the music in today’s show but unfortunately my dictaphone died halfway through so here’s some of it: Congratulations to Misþyrming for winning Eurovision as a Dare for Iceland! Thank you to everyone who voted.

Please be sure to buy a few things from Bandcamp this Monday for the Juneteenth fundraiser for racial equality. Maybe the Metal Preyers album or something else equally tasty from Nyege Nyege records?

The Kara Jackson album is completely diuvine and actually has distro in the UK so please go and order it from your local indie record shop. They need our support to keep going right now, special shout out to Fives in leigh on Sea.

Next Saturday we have Alex Monk curating our You Tube channel with a whole host of fantastic artists, it’s all exclusives and free to watch.

Please subscribe as it helps build the channel so we can bring you more greatness.
If you live in Essex please check out Leigh Folk Festival this weekend, that’s mostly free too and it’s a wonderful event, we don’t have a stage this year but I’ll hopefully be down there and we might return next year if you ask us nicely.


Skull Mask – De cabeza directo a las flamas
Elizabeth Crompton – A Warning
Geiger von Müller – Origins #2 (Take 2)
Station! Station! – Splosh!
Victoria Bourne & Michał Wojciechowski – Who Wrecks in Boo Juice-
Vahid Delahang – Rag Sohni
Santa Sprees – Smite & Pest
GNG – Wevie At Work
Lady Aicha & Pisko Crane’s Original Fulu Miziki of Kinshasa – Mutangila
Metal Preyers – The Sunrise
Kara Jackson – No Fun/Party
Jumble Hole Clough – The Smell of Dust Being Burnt
Misþyrming – Frostauðn – EUROVISION AS A DARE WINNER!
Hold.Star.Return – As We Grow Hands
c.soûle – Spit to Clean
Christopher Bailey – Tetrachords Etude
Julia Kent – Clouds Light The Night
Everts Trio – Twilight pie
R. Weis – Requiem for a Paperweight (chapters 10 and 11)
Minerva – Szerencsés
Contemporary Noise Ensemble – Dance Of The Headless Jazz Expert
ówt krì- and Pigments – 3 Release the Prey
Morgen Wurde – Lässt Ios (Feat. Maria Estrella)
Goodiepal, Bananskolen – Escaping From The Zoo
Emin Gök – Nefes
Rackets – Owl
Martha Ffion – Taxi