This month Culture as a Dare are shining a spotlight on Newcastle and the TQ Zine family, featuring Peony recorded live at the Globe and some highlights from the sadly defunkt TQN-aut label

Bartholomew x Cusak – Abattage
Food People – Umbrella Temple
de Velden – Movement (Dappled mix) (Gonghe County, China)
Marko Stričević – Tomislav Marjanović – Vukašin Đelić – Katastar
Rita Braga – Illegal Planet – 05 Radio Pardal
Blood Everywhere vs BMH – Reswizzle of BHM
Repeated Viewing vs Four Italian Pep Pills – Scarechrome Remix
Peony – TQ Live v1
MIC-ROV-OID –  Ever Closer To The True Round Number
Posset – Last bus back to the West End of Newcastle
Samuel Sharp – Lanty’s Tarn
Toxic Chicken – Slow Stepper
Formaldehydra – Moon Bay Circle
Reynols- Aldia Romavola
Atte Elias Kantonen – T TasinTannnngible
Greg Nieuwsma –  Morocco 2015
Katie Gerardine O’Neill –  Matrimony
Matt Atkins – The Shelter Object
eleOnora –  Voice improv at stairwell in Tallin Old Town (2023 edit)