Richard Youngs returns this week with the self explanatory; No Overdub! A geographically diverse selection including tracks from Bert Jansch, Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell, Alexander Bashlechev and Karna Ram Bhil.

Alexander Bashlechev: Time of Bells from Time of Bells LP (on Melodia)

John Burgess: The Old Men of the Shells from Pibroch Volume 1 LP (on Waverley)

Karna Ram Bhil: Flute Solo from Flutes of Rajasthan LP (on Le Chant Du Monde)

Bert Jansch: Jack Orion from Jack Orion LP (on Earmark)

Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell: Amejelo from Mu First Part LP (on Actuel)

Anonymous: Bells of Arkhangelsk LP Side 2 Track 3 (on Melodia)

Jane Turriff: Andrew Lammie from Scottish Tradition 5: The Muckle Sangs 2xLP (on Tangent)

Reverend Gary Davis; Lost John from Blues and Gospel LP (on Biograph Records)