This week we have the pleasure of welcoming Scott Gordon for a guest mix. Usually to be found performing alongside Seefeel’s Mark Clifford as Oto Hiax, Scott has delved into his unique collection for a journey through ambient and acoustic dreamscapes, pure punk noise and synth heavy experimental beats. Not to be missed.

You can listen to more of Oto Hiax at their Bandcamp page

Oto Hiax – Plates

Stewart Dempster – Standing Waves

Sam Annand – Juno 6 Chord Progression

Karen Dalton – Katie Cruel

Hans Reichel – Lower Lurum

Sote – Moscels X

Dean Hurley – Big Balls Excerpt

Renaldo and the Loaf – Hambo Hodo

Black Flag – Padded Cell

Boredoms – Hard Trance Away

Lightning Bolt – Dream Genie

Boredoms – Bocabola

Scott Gordon – Ebow Low

Black Sprituals – Black

Dome – Rolling Upon My Day

Public Image Limited – The Order of Death

Arp – Mirrors and Forks

Slap Happy – Dawn

Yales – Syndu Excerpt

Caterina Barbieri – Spine of Desire

Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow – Hacking and Cutting

Oto Hiax – Strain