A very cheeky mix of electronica, reggae and broken beats mixed alongside porn soundtrack samples. Best appreciated by listeners over the age and not offended by this sort of thing. There are lighter moments but mostly it’s the kinda stuff that shouldn’t be allowed on air let alone in a mix.

Coldcut : Philosophy
Tim ‘Love’ Lee : One Night Samba
Jam & Spoon : My First Fantastic F.F.
Company Flow : Suzy Pulled a Pistol on Henry
Porno s/t : Neighbourhood Toys
Augustus Pablo : Bedroom Mazurka
Charlie Ace : Punany
Porno s/t : Mrs. Cream Jeans
Cassette Boy : Wind It Up Rob
Flying Lotus : Massage Situation
Naked Funk : Jenny Cum Lately
La Funk Mob : Ravers Suck Our Sound & Get Fuck
Depth Charge : Harley Davidson
Sukia : Feelin’ Fine
Chris Morris : Bad Sex
Love T.K.O : Love Thong
Fiona Richmond : Boys In The Band
Hypothalamus : Open Your Mouth
Gert Walden : Madam und ihre Nichte