Another very cheeky mix of electronica, hip hop and broken beats mixed alongside porn soundtrack samples. Best appreciated by listeners over the age. There are lighter moments but mostly it’s the kinda stuff that shouldn’t be allowed on air let alone in a mix.

Porno s/t – I Dig Your Vibe
Burnt Friedman – Fuckin’ Long Time
Mike Ladd – Housewives At Play
Fat Truckers – Teenage Daughter
Klart – Shaver
Inevidence – Cum Dancing
DJ Funk – Fuk U Later (69 mix)
Bong Crispy – No Shit
Fuck Bootlegs – Fuckapella
Partyboobytrap – A Man & A Woman
Aidan John Moffat – Cunts
Aliens Voyage – Lounge Sofa
Nurse With Wound – Groove Grease (Hot Catz)
Sounds From The Ground – Lean On Me
Barbara Markay – It’s All Rite
Peter Wyngarde – Rape
Die Antwoord vs. Enya – Orinoco Ninja Flow
Howie B – Cook For You