High Jinks with some recent output from Phase Group, Idle Hands and Objects Limited. Glasgow and Bristol have a lot to answer for…

Sote – Pipe Dreams, Parallel Persia (Diagonal Records, 2019)

Katie Gately – Waltz, Loom (Houndstooth, 2020)

Sunun – Airforce, Light EP (Idle Hands, 2020)

Shakleton & Zimpel – Primal Drones, Primal Forms (Cosmo Rythmatic, 2020)

Lo Kindre – Dusk, Dusk+Grey Skies (Phase Group, 2020)

Kara-Lis Coverdale & LXV ‎– Informant, Sirens (Umor Rex, 2015)

Siavash Amini – Agarthini, Subsiding (Futuresequence, 2015)

Oberman Knocks – Dilankex, Dilankex (Aperture, 2014)

Asa Tone – River at Work, Temporary Music, (Leaving Records, 2020)

Vivienne – Question Mark, Stud (Objects Limited, 2017)