Scribble debuts on Tak Tent with a mix from Skint Richie. Get your pencil oot! It’s a mix of vinyl and digital, auld stuff, really new stuff, acid hoose to aerobic line dancing and a couple of great covers. Most of the tracks I reckon have a resonance with the difficult times wot we find wursels in. It’s the kind of wide-ranging set I’ll be playing for Scribble’s monthly events. Lots of classics, belters and weird tunes with no pressure drawing challenges set by different artists each month – like ‘draw a post from Mickey Rourke’s instagram’ or ‘draw a really large pet and the damage it causes’ – Next one is Oct 10, 8pm – 11pm on Mixcloud Live

JD Feelgood and the Nashville Allstars – Warm ups

N.E.E.T – Me and Baby Brother

KOKOKO! – Tokoliana

Sex Judas and Ricky – Pope Naked the First (Rob and Ricky’s Acid Redub)

Marshall Jefferson, Sterling Void, Paris Brightledge – It’s Alright (Original Mix)

Max Graef – No 5

Other Lands – Keep the Heid

Billy Connoly – The Cruxifiction

Dawn of Midi -Io

Oneohtrix Point Never – I only have eyes for you

The Lijadu Sisters – Come on home

Homeboy Sandman and Edan – #Neverusetheinternetagain

The Four Owls – Sound The Alarm Feat. Smellington Piff

DRS & Dynamite MC – Gullyman Skank (feat. Chimpo)

Marlowe – Future Power Sources

Anderson .Paak – Lockdown [explicit]

Stranger Cole – When I get my Freedom

JD Feelgood and the Nashville Allstars – Cool downs