H.Linton takes us on a journey through the Gas Works, dabbling in what he terms “ambient-psych pop-new wave-dub-electro-eggs on toast” – throw in some commentary from David Lynch & you most definitely have our attention. Features John Maus, The Cure, Odd Nosdam, Meat Beat Manifesto, Goblin…

1. “Hello, I’m Henry”, (Sample) – [Eraserhead Original Soundtrack Recording, {Sacred Bones Records 2012}];

2. “Untroduction” by Meat Beat Manifesto [Opaque Couche, {Flexidisc, 2018}];

3. “Moya” by Godspeed You Black Emperor! [Slow Riot For Zero Kanada E.P. {Constellation Records, 1999}];

4. “Ten Echoes” by Odd Nosdam [Sisters E.P. {Leaving Records, 2016}];

5.  “The Piedmont Elegy” by Gil Melle [Andromeda Strain Soundtrack {Kapp Records, 1971}];

6. “House of Yesterday” by Ariel Pink [Odditties Sodomies Vol.2, {Mexican Summer Records 2019}];

7. “The Law” by John Maus [A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material {Ribbon Music, 2012}];

8. “People” by Super Kid [Those Shocking Shaking Days {Now Again Records, 2010}];

9. “Rejector” by Meat Beat Manifesto [Impossible Star {Flexi Disc, 2018}];

10. “Figurehead” by The Cure [Pornography {Fiction Records, 1982}];

11. “La Plage” by Philippe Besombes [Strain Crack & Break {Finders Keepers, 2019}];

12. “ Never Compromise, Never Surrender” by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross [The Book of Rorschach {Charlton Home Records, 2019}];

13. “Waves Under Mine” by Victrola [Born From The Water {Dark Entries Records, 2018}];

14. “Zombi (Sexy)” by Goblin [Dawn of The Dead Soundtrack {Waxworks Records, 2018}];

15. “Did you have sexual intercourse”? (Sample) – [Eraserhead Original Soundtrack Recording, {Sacred Bones Records 2012}];

16. “ Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up” by Pink Floyd [Zabriskie Point Original Motion Picture Soundtrack {Sony Music, 1970}].