High Jinks this week includes a recent release on Café Oto’s excellent Takuroku label from Cara Tolmie, forthcoming work from Lumpen Nobleman and Helena Celle courtesy of our good pals at Extra Normal Records, Swans, Forest Swords, Aha Ssan and another from Fields Lines Cartographer’s The Spectral Isle, which hasn’t strayed far from decks since it arrived.

Cluster – Plas, Cluster II (Brain, 2004)

Cara Tolmie – Sweating Lightly, Lit By a Car (TakuRoku, 2020)

Lumpen Nobleman – Error II (Helena Celle Remedy), Errors and Remedies (Extra Normal Records, 2020)

Forest Swords – Trust Your Blood, Fjree Feather E.P (No Pain in Pop, 2011)

Aho Ssan ‎– Simulacrum IV, Simulacrum (Subtext, 2020)

Swans – Sunfucker, Leaving Meaning (Mute, 2019)

Still House Plants – Obi/ Lowe’s, Still House Plants, (GLARC, 2016)

Peter Kowald ‎–  Movement III (Global Village Trio + Jin Hi Kim), Global Village (Free Elephant, 2004)

Jim White and Marisa Anderson ‎– 18-1, The Quickening (Thrill Jockey, 2020)

Field Lines Cartographer ‎– The Castle, The Spectral Isle (Castles in Space, 2020)