While on one of his numerous solo trance induced audio excursions, long time contributor to The Dark Outside and West Country magus Sheer Zed has stopped at Tak Tent Radio to share a brew and warm himself at their welcoming broadcasting station. Here he delivers especially for Tak Tent Radio an exclusive sound art mix with an hour-long voyage of transcendent, multi-dimensional and cosmic soundsurfing. For the next hour kick back, close your eyes and fall into a vortex of hypnagogic auditory hallucinations.    

In November 2020 the TQN-aut label releases Sheer Zed’s fierce new album Tearing Down the Statues of Ideological Folly on digital and limited edition CDr. In early November and December 2020 HREA’M Recordings releases the mutated spacetime remix EP Kaleidomission Debriefing – The Sheer Zed Spacelab Remixes plus Sheer Zed’s gorgeous and intimate Subsuming the Realm of Form album on digital and limited edition cassette which includes an ultra limited signed and yantra marked postcard.

Now available to buy from Bandcamp here https://sheerzed.bandcamp.com/track/sheer-zeds-tak-tent-radio-sound-art-mix-8th-november-2020