Richard Youngs explores the unfathomable. See what you can (or can’t) make of this… Features Martin Carthy, The Fall, Cocteau Twins and Miles Davis.

Martin Carthy: Outlandish Night from Shearwater LP (on Mooncrest Records)

The Fall: Papal Visit from Room to Live LP (on Kamera Records)

Motomasa: Shakkyô / Le Pont En Pierres (Debut) (extract) from Japon 5 Musique Du Nô. Shakkyo : Pont En Pierres LP (on Ocora Records)

Cocteau Twins: Pearly-dewdrops’ Drops from The Spangle Maker 12″ (on 4AD)

Miles Davis: In A Silent Way/It’s About That Time from In A Silent Way LP (on CBS)

Veli-Matti O Äijälä: Kuoleman Maassa from Raskas Taakka single-sided 12″ (on Vauva)