Lots of new work on High Jinks this week. Features Burd Ellen, Snowdrops, Silvia Tarozzi, Rick Redbeard, Richard Youngs and Agathe Max.

Silvia Tarozzi – Mi specchio e rifletto, Mi specchio e rifletto (Unseen Worlds, 2020)

Katie Gerardine O’Neill – Seaside Nightdream, Message Green (via Bandcamp, 2020)

Burd Ellen – Hela’r Dryw Bach, Says The Never Beyond (via Bandcamp, 2020)

The Eightsome Reel – Church of Ernest, Dungeness (via Bandcamp, 2020)

Agathe Max – Red Sun, Contra Pop Festival 2016 – The Second Ahistorical Report (Extra Normal Records, 2016)

Snowdrops – Odysseus, Volutes Injazero Records (Injazero‎, 2020)

Richard Youngs – In The Wind, Outwith/In The Wind (No Fans Records, 2020)

Rick Redbeard – The Old Country, Aberdonian Time​-​Slip: Instrumentals II (via Bandcamp, 2020)

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