Ben ‘Jack Your Body’ Robinson brings you Cosmic Disco, Electro, Coldwave and all sorts of miscellaneous other stuff too. You can find out more about Ben at

Image: Ben Robinson – The Apotheosis of Maggie Broon, animation still 2018

Edited by Andrew Low / Assisted by Scott Hudson

Spring School 2018 is delivered as part of the ST/ART Project partnership with Dundee Contemporary Arts. ST/ART is an Arts and Stroke project run by Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust and supported by NHS Tayside.

Group Space Maker – Septentrion (Sonopresse, 1978)

XData – Frozon (Clear Memory, 2019)

Alive She Died – Dark Felt (Geheimnis, 2017)

Ratata – Liv Utan Spänning (Stranded, 1982)

L.T.F. – Succession (Chicago Research, 2020)

Apollo Hoax – Cannibal Girls From Beta Ceti (False Flag, 2020)

Rising Sun Systems – Freebasin’ For David Bohm (Nightwind, 2015)

QEK Junior – 1/0 (Danse Macabre, 2009)

Fit Of Body – Temporarily (Not on View) (Harsh Riddims Blood Sucking Cassette Co, 2020)

Aleksi Perälä – NLL561908695 (Clone Basement Series, 2020)

214 – Time For (Frustrated Funk, 2015)

Ania – …On The Telephone (The Big Ben Phonogram Company, 1984)

Philippe Laurent – Et Hop (Fraction Studio, 1983)

Ishai Adar feat. Maurice Sarfati – My Life In Betlehem (Confused Machines, 2020)