Sunken Paths 3 is here to wrap you in a woollen auditory blanket and pass you a thermos of Winter Solstice whiskey-laced sounds from somewhere altogether elsewhere (or something like that). Casting the net a little wider, we have some previously unfeatured labels and self-releases, alongside a few (hopefully now) slightly more familiar imprints. You can even have some fun playing ‘spot some of the members of British Sea Power’ as you wander atop the crips paths. Proost! Darren.

Alison Cotton – How My Heart Bled In Bleeding Heart Yard (Bloxham Tapes)

Sawak – Swaminaryan (self-released)

Stuart Chalmers – Instinct 6 (TQN-aut)

Chlorine – Life’s Too Long (self-released)

Simon Klee – Perpetual Anxiety Loop (Sensory Leakage)

Slow Tree – The Wild Night (Lost Map)

Ian Joyce – If We Believe In Nothing (TQN-aut)

Corticem – Saturn, The Dandy Brute (Submarine Broadcasting company)

The Sweet Release of Death – Sway (self-released)

A Beautiful Idea – A.L.F. (Hrea’m Recordings)

Darren j Holloway – They Came In Low (Hrea’m Recordings)