High Jinks this week features forthcoming releases from Diana Collier, The Eightsome Reel and sadly the last album from the wonderful wonderful TOMAGA. Includes a track from the brilliantly named Avon Terror Corps label. Proceeds from their new compilation (Wish You Were Avon) go to Base and Roses – a food distribution collective formed to tackle issues around food security in Bristol.

Diana Collier – Ode To Riddley Walker, Ode To Riddley Walker (via Bandcamp, 2020)

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation – Space, Anthropomorphic (Denovali Recods, 2020)

Phirnis – 2003, The End Is Always Too Soon (Submarine Broadcasting Company, 2020)

TOMAGA – Reverie for Fragile Houseplants, Intimate Immensity (Hands In The Dark, 2021)

Antonina Nowacka – Part 5, Lamunan (Mondoj, 2020)

The Eightsome Reel – 238khz – Voices on The Wire, Dungeness (via Bandcamp, March 2021)

Linkwood – Coral, Expressions (Firecracker Recordings, 2018)  

X-MASS – Cult Offering Day, Wish You Were Avon – Avon Terror Corps (via Bandcamp, 2021)

Katie Gately – Flow, Loom (Houndstooth, 2020)

Linkwood – Minus 12, Expressions (Firecracker Recordings, 2018)