A romantic game to play with your loved one… Close your eyes and grab a record – It’s No Choice Disco from Richard this Sunday. Features Malicorne, Heather Leigh, Ligeti, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Florian Hecker.

Malicorne: La Fille Aux Chansons from Malicorne LP (on Hexagone)
Kohachiro Miyata: Honshirabe from Shakuhachi, The Japanese Flute (on Nonesuch Records)
Peter Hammill: The Comet, the Course, the Trail from In Camera LP (on Virgin)
György Ligeti: Continuum (performed by Antoinette: Cembalo) from Ligeti: Requiem/Lontano/Continuum LP (on Wergo Schallplatten)
Siouxsie and the Banshees: Jigsaw Feeling from The Scream LP (on Polydor)
Florian Hecker & Mark Leckey: Sound Voice Chimera (white type on black label side) from Sound Voice Chimera LP (on Pan Records)
Heather Leigh: Prelude to Goddess from Throne LP (on Editions Mego)
Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey: Bright Waves from Perspectives and Distortion LP (on Cherry Red Records)