Culture as a Dare – 07/03/21

Another batch of musical bulbs pushes forth shoots of renewal through the heavy clods of frozen earth. Some tender snowdrops, some garish daffodils and the odd hopeful crocus popping up in the lawn despite the overwhelming evidence that it will be trampled. Let’s meet one to one outside for a coffee and drink it all in.

Andrew Paine – The Paine Full Years 1963-1965

The Paine Full Years explores the music which has shaped the first 58 years of Andrew Paine’s life. Episode 1: 1963-1965 features deep cuts from the world of jazz, folk, avant-garde and early electronics.

Andrew Paine is a Glasgow based musician: his work ranging from solo voice, through layered howling guitars, gentle piano interludes, SW radio, oblique electronics and wherever he likes in between

Blauerosen / Jointweird – Feb 2021

Blauerosen is a place for inspiring music. Whichever sound triggers something in us, no matter how dark, dreamy, dystopian it is, it usually finds a place in one of our monthly playlists showcased here. The trip never follows the same route. There is no ‘map’ after all.

Jointweird are an artistically provocative duo, create a sonic journey to the heart of the dark side in order to showcase the best new music from folk to experimental. Is the result creating monsters or having a conversation with them? Come join us…we have cocktails!