Sheer Zed’s Sound Art Mix – July 2021

In this fourth foray for Tak Tent Radio into the dimensions of the sound art mix Sheer Zed pokes his inquisitive ears into the hidden underbelly of riots, protests, demonstrations, and unreported and whitewashed social upheaval. Mixing numerous electronic pads and field recordings intercut with raw and naked human turmoil this mix crashes head long and oblivious into analogue drones, ambient textures and modular sequences, disturbing and intensely wild confrontations, battling confrontational crowds, foul mouthed drunken insanity, crazed rioters, angry and furious groups in fractured furious face offs, boiling surreal happenings, calm and distant nature filled African Islamic calls to prayer, echoed and exotic Thai bird calls, street drumming activists, a Japanese traditional Shintō drumming ritual,