Dear darklings, we hope you are as happy as we are with all the music that has been reaching our ears and the live gigs that have started filling up our calendars for the year. Don’t mind the quietness of the streets, don’t feed the anger and the sadness — this is a soundtrack for dancing in the streets.

“Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are”—Bertolt Brecht

Bøne Appetit! W/ Antariksh Daddy – 02/03/2023

This month’s episode of Bøne Appetit! features Antariksh Records’ head honcho ‘Antariksh Daddy’ with an hour of soul awakening ambient trance. He started his career as a DJ in Germany in 2015 and held a promising portfolio there for two years. During 2017, he held a year-long residency as a DJ at Scandale Locale Le Fatale, Germany and has since performed in clubs, both in Germany and India.

In 2018, he represented the Voidance Records (Berlin) roster briefly as a vinyl + digital DJ. After coming back to India in 2018, he launched his own record label Antariksh Records which is an attempt at the propagation and curation of quality dance music in the South Asian subcontinent.