We turn the spotlight on some exceedingly young and talented musicians in our ‘Under 18’ special, while allowing some new releases and classic gems to bookend the show. Also, find out who won our Eurovision contest!


Egor Grushin – Rise
Nilson Evilásio – Mas eu Amei
Action Pyramid – Aquatic Plants, Insects, Other Living Things
Mold omen – duality of the zookeeper
Son of Buzzi – Eine Art zu fliegen
Martha maclaren – Sugar paper
Codiac – All over
CLIP – By The Pond 1
Rainbow and Olive – haunted pretty bell
Walton, Jude and Haydar – Photon Smasher Song
Juha – Everything slips
Two Dragons Black and Red – Horses
Merce Lemon – Horses
Elliot Reed – The Ninja Gets Revenge
Gwilym Howarth – l-
Haq123 – The More
Sam Gendel & Antonia Cytrynowicz – SOMETHING REAL
R. Weis – noitatu MovE oveR (Nodule 3)
Falcon Jane – Take Your Turn
Abrasive Trees – Ashram Song
The 55th Flotilla – Freven (SoG version)
Sibilla – Criminal’s Fame
Luka Productions – Sitanba
Linda Perhacs – Sandy Toes
Ross Heselton & Léonie Risjeterre – Il n’y a pas tant de différence
Field Glass – Gardens
Sun Glitters featuring Sara – With a Taxi through the mountains
Dvanov – Уварово (Uvarovo)
The Tumbledryer Babies – Johnny Hates Johnny Hates Jazz
Eumig – Four
Cyril Meysson & Sheng Jie – L’ Usage Des Formes