Shane Quentin’s first Skylarking mix of the new year looking back to some of his favourite tunes of the past year. We hope you dig this fresh Skylarking groove and here’s to many more to come!

Carmen Villain : Future Memory 
Wordcolour : I am Sixty Years Old and Trying Salvia for the First Time
Smoke Point : Spawn Point 
Jaydonclover : But My Sister
LEYA : Must Have Been Good (feat. Eartheater)
Gerome Gadient : 47​°​34’46​.​66”n 7​°​37’17​.​37”e
Silvia Tarozzi : La Sostanza dell’affetto
Cucina Povera : Kärpässieni
Wojciech Rusin : Origins of Pleasure
TIBSLC : Hypertranslucent 5
Felicia Atkinson : The House That Agnes Built
YOUTH : The Moon Calls The Tide Abides
Alessandra Novaga : I Should Have Been a Gardener