“Glasgow’s foremost purveyor of drunken disco dance and panglobal pandemonium.” I don’t think we can beat that introduction so we’re not going to try. David has kindly put together a show for us including a lot of dub, some ‘Bollywood reggae’ and a ‘Barby Bonus.’ Top drawer.

Bob Andy – ‘Superpowers Dub’

Vivien Goldman ‎- ‘Launderette’

Cro-tones – ‘Tea Machine Dub’

Leisure Connection ‎- ‘March Of The Imbecile’

Shin/DCS – ‘Maine Kaha Tha Mat Jao Tum’

Devon Russell – ‘Give Me Your Love’

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – ‘My Jamaican Dub’

Otto Mix – ‘Sahara Sand (Instrumental)’

Wave Form – ‘Something New’

Madeleine Uzho ‎- ‘Satisfied (Instrumental)’

Specialist Cole – ‎’Sweetest Taboo’

Jon Gorr – ‘It’s No Lie (Dub)’

Adele Bertei – ‘Once In Lifetime’ 

Dhaima – ‎’Sweat Till Your Body’s Wet’

Lo Kindre – ‘Sounder’

(Barby Bonus)

Musarrat Nazir/Peter Moss – ‘Maf Karo’