Richard Youngs returns with a selection of 10″ records from his collection including Delia Derbyshire, The Fall, Taming Power and the wonderful Vibracathedral Orchestra.

The Shadow Ring: Put Out from Put Out C-Out 10″ (on Hell’s Half Halo Records)

Eloise Decazes and Eric Chenaux: Derriere Chez Nous from Eloise Decazes and Eric Chenaux 2×10″ (on Okraina Records)

Delia Derbyshire: Blue Veils and Golden Sands from Rephlex presents Music from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop 4×10″ (on Rephlex)

The Fall: An Older Lover Etc. from Slates 10″ (on Rough Trade)

Taming Power: Meditations for Radio (Side A) from Meditations for Radio 10″ (on Early Morning Records)

Refree: Telecaster01032017b from Jai Alai Vol. 1 10″ (on El Segell del Primavera)

Vibracathedral Orchestra: Live at Total Inertia (Part Two) from Live at Total Inertia 10″ (on Vanity Case Records)

Chris Knox: Not Given Lightly from Not Given Lightly 10″ (on Communion Label)