Featuring a selection of beautiful music on Subexotic Records who have proudly offered various experiments in electronic and off-kilter music since 2010. We hope you dig this Skylarking groove!

Subexotic Records

Conflux Coldwell : Views From Sunk Island
Felix Machtelinckx : Insomnia
Letters From Mouse : Cosm
Rekombinant : A Vivid Recollection of Past Emotions
Transient Visitor : Ha
Atom Brigade : We Never Made It To Forever
boycalledcrow : When It Rains
Giants Of Discovery : First Night Under a New Moon
Onepointwo : Club Uranium
Camp Of Wolves : Adrift
Swansither : Slow Fish
Ethan James Startzman : Echoes
Rupert Lally : Exit Ramp
Transient Visitor : The Stringer